Taxi’s Cabin Experience – is there?

Taxi’s Cabin Experience – is there?

Lots of new ride sharing and taxi services are ubiquitous — globally. However, none of them are working towards in-cabin experience for the passengers similar to how airline industry works.

When I hop in a taxi, I would like it to be already set on a perfect AC temperature; pillow awaiting me; music set to my taste buds; scent which I like and taxi cruising to my comfort.

Today, all such services are booked through an app. However, it’s rare to see such an app where an experience could be designed by the rider at the time of booking a taxi service.

Temperature is key to comfort

We all feel high when our favorite track is already playing as we jump into our car.

Scent creates lasting memory.

Pillows for headrest and back.

Speed creates safety for the brand. Drivers should drive at a speed expected by the rider.

Let’s watch this app in motion.

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