SMOKY JEANS #heatnotburn

SMOKY JEANS #heatnotburn

SMOKY JEANS#heatnotburn
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Bro, you have light? A dreaded question to ask for any smoker when out of matches or away from store. Tobacco industry is moving into smoke free culture by focusing on heating instead of burning.
What if we could bring the experience right inside their favorite piece of garment – a pair of Jeans. This Smoky Jeans accepts a voice command of “Ok Smoke” from the mobile app and begins to heat up the red heat patch below the pocket, and you could lit up your stick.
The tools required for this are fairly simple:
Inside Jeans: Heating pad, BLE, Lilly Pad and coin cell
Mobile App : Google Assistant SDK/API.AI, Built in mobile’s BLE support.
When the user repeats the command “Ok Smoke” from the mobile app, phone’s BLE transfers signals to BLE fitted inside the jeans which activates the heating pad. Thereafter, user would say “Ok Stop” and the heating pad would stop heating.
All these tools are size of a coin.

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