Retail Innovation – Picks or Views?

Retail Innovation – Picks or Views?

I looked at the data of how each dress posted on social media was doing in “views”. And then I asked my team about the missing count for “Picks”? The puzzled team looked at each other for an answer. And the brave one from the team asked me

“What is Picks?”

Fashion retail customers a.k.a shoppers have completely blurred the line between their physical and digital experience – for any fashion retail brand. But fashion retail owners still draw such a line for themselves. When a fashion brand posts photos of their catalog collection on social media and website, they could easily read about the number of views a dress is getting. However, they have no idea about how many views a.k.a Picks did the same dress receive in their physical store – meaning how many women “Picked” the dress from the rack to view it closely rather than skimming through the rack.

This disconnect between digital and physical views prevents or rather gives a fashion brand incomplete story about which dress will achieve more conversion, should be recommended to the shopper – in store or on website.

This mandatory piece of “Picks” could help a fashion retailer connect physical data with Ecommerce data on Google analytics (through data import feature) and easily find which dress received more Picks and digital views – thus giving a reality check to the retailer.

Moreover, Picks could be used to recommend or rank clothes on racks in physical stores as well as on websites in real time.

It’s not important which dress has higher sales. There are plenty of dresses which a women Picks before making a choice – thus giving an actual behavior for each customer.

We went ahead and tried this with a low fidelity prototype. As soon as customer picks up a dress, we take it as a Pick. These Picks are imported in Google Analytics against the same dress with Ecommerce and digital views. And there you have it. Exact Picks.

Absolutely surprising use of this is how we could use the Picks and display it on the hanger. This validates the behavior of the customer that they are picking the most popular dress – thus more conversion.

Let’s check it out in this video.

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