Oh no, My CEO is a BOT!

Oh no, My CEO is a BOT!

It’s 2020, and you walk into a new job on your first day. It’s the orientation day with your CEO. You enter the room but there is no one inside — except large screens. You are astonished; where is the guy with a huge table and couches. Suddenly, a Scarlett Johansson voice echoes:

“Welcome, Arsalan! This is BOT, I’m your CEO. You saw my Black Widow movie last night. How did you like it”

Well, the Bot obviously knows that I adore Scarlett and that is why my CEO’s voice in impersonated with Scarlett. If you like Julia Roberts, you would hear her!

We are almost closing this reality of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Do you agree?

If your CEO is a Bot, all meetings; decisions making; financial transactions; product launches; will be done at the most seamless and rapid pace ever imagined. So does your firing email! But my favorite will be new product launches. How? Let me explain you.

Today all “Human” CEOs are using dashboards of large enterprise software to make decisions. Welcome to the world of API – where every business function you can imagine has a software that has an API which could become part of another software and etc.

We are surrounded with free deep learning solutions such as Tensor Flow, Watson, just to name few, which could allow us to capture business decisions taken by the world’s leading turnaround CEOs and use deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to evolve decisions contextually and quantitatively.

Moreover, with the emergence of tools such as Cloud Vision API, BigQuery, Google Assistant, Allo etc. even business functions would get automated to make decisions in real time.

Imagine your Bot CEO being as close to you as Google Assistant. You can ask and take any decision from your Bot CEO right there and then. The most valid decision ever based on their own deep learning. No sending emails, waiting for reply and blah blah meetings! And your failures and success are predicted using deep learning and artificial intelligence.

This is how I think the Bot CEO will work for each department to make decisions:


With solutions such as Salesforce, Ad Exchanges, HubSpot, Google search API, Adwords, Freelance digital services such as Fiverr, the Bot CEO will streamline the entire value chain of communication.


There is still huge manual efforts being put in by Chief Marketing Officers to research, test the market and then launch. With the Bot CEO, imagine reading billions of insights reports and designs in a matter of day and then launching product design by using automated 3D printing based on this deep learning. All products placed have sensors with them where Internet Of Things will play its role.

Supply chain and Production

Predefined vendor orders systems are already popular. The Bot CEO could even add automatic bidding systems between supply chain vendors where the lowest bidder automatically wins and begins productions through Artificial intelligence using custom parameters – anywhere in the world!


With digital banks, bitcoins, mobile money, all balance sheets will be read and predicted by your Bot CEO is real time. Not to mention, equity and loans decisions would make sure that you are at optimum cash flow!


Culture is key to any organization. How could a Bot CEO help that? Well, imagine your Bot CEO knowing every single thing about you and motivating accordingly. It’s deep learning how you are growing personally and professionally. The decisions that failed you or succeeded you. Moreover, your remuneration, bonuses everything is aligned with your contextual and personal situation. Your skills and weakness are all being deep learned! Moreover, smart wearables for employees helps ensure that everyone is healthy and feel happy about their jobs in real time.

Would you work with a Bot CEO? How would you react if tomorrow you walk into your office and you are welcomed by a Bot CEO?

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