IoT music “ear buds” burns calories

IoT music “ear buds” burns calories

What if listening to music could burn calories? Yes, that’s true. Old concept. But, we twisted it. Literally. I experimented with myself and induced music into my soul to burn calories. Not exactly, but yes in proximity!

exBuds” – are not your Ex-girlfriend’s music ear buds that you stole during your last breakup fight.

But rather “exercise buds” that induces sweat and heartbeat to burn your calories by merely listening to music.

Internet of Things has allowed content to transfer globally. We fixed heartbeat sensors and sweat inducing actuators inside WiFi/data enabled headphones and made the user wear it. Next, the user was asked to choose his heartbeat and bearable sweat temperature using this app. Once selected, our IoT database using artificial intelligence of big music data selected song tracks that allows heartbeat to raise at the selected rate while the heat actuators on the head began to warm up and induced sweat.

This dual effect of raised heartbeat and sweat began burning calories. These music tracks would be highly selected and modified as they are being studied using layers of algorithms – for each rhythm that impacts heartbeat.

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