Google Sings “Call Center Maybe”

Google Sings “Call Center Maybe”

Just until Feb’15 when the inbound call center industry was being rigorously sponged off by self-care web portals and direct m-commerce channels: website and social media; Google launches “Call only” ads optimized for mobile dedicated searchers only, where a user browsing on a mobile can directly call the business number posted on the ad – “call me maybe”

What does it mean for global advertisers?

No conversion is better than a call conversion. Global advertisers will invest in “Call only” campaigns more than any other campaign type due to hike in global mobile penetration resulting in higher CTRs as people will call more often from the ad ; This means advertisers are in urgent need of Landing Pages “Landing Call Experience Center” – inbound call center to enrich and maintain their customer experience.

What does it mean for call center industry?

Global advertisers will expect their call center partner to provide call analytics and social media analytics in one platform. For example, for the user who has just called in, the call center agent should be knowing which keyword did the caller search for and what landing page did he visit before calling the phone number .This will allow the call center agent to prepare an optimized pitch for the new lead.

This year would you invest in a Landing Page or Landing Call Experience Center?

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