Facebook’s YouTube will be…?

Facebook’s YouTube will be…?

Facebook already has a daily 1.2 billion global community of chatty people from their robust product line of messengers. Something which Google is still missing. But today’s earning’s call was all about video. This is where YouTube wins head on. 


In video business, Facebook is still figuring out how they will organize, create, and monetize their videos on their platforms. Whereas, Google is already few years ahead of it. There were talks about working with creators and news channels to post videos on Facebook. But, would you prefer watching live videos on YouTube or Facebook. Perhaps, Facebook is already on its way to launch a tv app to stream content which is social and live – video discovery!

Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram – Difference?

For all those confused advertisers, there was also short course by Zukerberg during the call explaining the different between WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. All the marketers who post same content everywhere should listen again right from creator himself. Instagram is about visual discovery whereas Facebook is about connecting, making new friends, and sharing richer content. Advertisers have completely forgotten the place where a billion messages are in transaction – the messengers. It’s time advertisers should have a “messenger strategy” to create richer brand content.

Video ad spend from advertisers will get really creative as Facebook’s dynamic ads unveil and present a more immersive of showcasing the creative. This is a pritory for Facebook as they move ahead this year to make video – the platform.

About VR and AI, Facebook talks similar concepts as Google. This shows that future is about personlization.


One missing thread from Facebook’s earning call, was the future about devices. Earlier, Google Home was a dominant part of conversation during their earnings call but Facebook has not mentioned much about it except Oculus Rift which is a device but not exactly in terms of penetrating the smart devices.

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