Dating Jeans

Dating Jeans

It’s Friday night at the club — your sexy spot to shake it on top of the world to find your perfect match. This is what you came for. We will help you find “The One” with a pair of Love Jeans. Your jeans will warm up, give you goose bumps and induce a magnetic effect if your ideal match is dancing around you.

Jeans warms up, literally, as he/she comes near you. Jeans for men ( + side ) gets pulled with Jean for women ( – side ) through a magnetic effect while you come closer to each other and groove in proximity! Jeans creates subtle vibrations to give goose bumps and augment your dance experience.

By fitting temperature sensors in your jeans, we could monitor when your heartbeat rises which will trigger that you are dancing with the right partner. Morover, it will trigger a physical magnetic effect which will also be in your jeans that will enable subtle attraction as you dance closer with each other.

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