Amazon Kills Typos Forever!

Amazon Kills Typos Forever!

Typos are inherent to anyone using a device or laptop. And yet, none have found a way to help. “xould tou like to vomment on this posr?

Well, someone did on Jan 17.

But, we will miss those funny signatures that people used for their email signatures to excuse for their typos. My favorite was “iPhone. iTypos. iApologize”

Amazon is already leading the innovation and experience space but with this latest patent acceptance on Jan 17, 2017, Amazon will help us personalize our keyboards in real time. That’s right, your fingers, your style; at your place.


Amazon’s adaptive agronomic keyboard uses real time analytics and sensors to understand your keyboard and gesture trends and adjusts the keys layout. Moreover, it’s all contextual. Let’s say you are using your mobile at home while stretched out on a couch and watching Netflix, your tying , excuse me for the typo, your “typing” style would be different than while you are walking on the streets of New York City and crossing a road. Amazon will take care of that.


Moreover, Amazon has evaluated ways to not only find adaptive ways for keyboards on devices but also for using gestures that will allow you to use unique gesture to act as a keyboard! Imagine, you are crossing a road and your boss calls in. You could just use your hand gestures to send him a message.


Another way would be typing your favorite movie on Netflix while lying on the sofa. You don’t want to use your remote control to type in the name of movies on Netflix. It’s not easy. This could be possible using this adaptive keyboard that will be projected on some wall or simply by using your hand gestures.


In addition to this, the keyboard layout could change for each user that signs in into Netflix or any other website. Let’s say your girlfriend logins into her Facebook using your phone, that would be a nightmare, but let’s assume that for a while, then the keyboard layout will adjust to her style of input gestures.


Amazon is working on personalizing consumer electronics and this input entry domain had been dormant for a long period. This could help all large content creator companies such as Netflix, YouTube etc. to use it to help users input easily and swiftly. But, moreover for me who is always making typos on email and sometimes with personal messages!

Where do you make most typos : work or personal messages?

If you would like get nerdy and read more about it, here is the source:

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